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  • Come devono venire impiegati i soldi del contribuente nella ricerca medica?
  • Doctors form pressure group against drug companies. This state of affairs has now got so bad that Dr Bob Goodman, an internist in New York, and Dr Des Spence, a general practitioner in Glasgow, have formed themselves into an action group they're calling 'No Free Lunch'. Like our doctor who wrote to us, they have become sick and tired of the way that medicine’s ambitions have become distorted by drug company pressures. They want to put a stop to the overt, and covert, ways that drug companies pressurize doctors into prescribing their drugs.
  • No Free Lunch: Docs take arms against drug company incentives. OK, it's time to come clean. Not all doctors are bad guys, despite our title. In fact, there's a group of them in America and the UK who've formed themselves into a great little organisation called 'No Free Lunch'. They're opposed to the overt and covert inducements offered by the pharmaceutical industry to 'encourage' doctors to prescribe their wares. Perversely, the No Free Lunch doctors believe that a doctors first responsibility is to the patient, not to the shareholders of drug companies. The founder is Dr Bob Goodman, a general internist practising in New York. He's been joined in the UK by Dr Des Spence, a GP working in Glasgow, who describes himself as a reformed 'pharma junkie'. They believe that the pharmaceutical industry has so insinuated itself into medicine that even staff canteens are sponsored by drug companies. For its part, medicine is in denial over this, says Goodman and Spence, and tacitly sees this as some kind of right. The UK arm of No Free Lunch can be found at: (Source: WDDTY)
  • Alleanza Salute, pace e giustizia sociale (italiano: cerca parola "agfg")
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  • Emma Holister
  • vedi Trappitsch piu' sopra e e
  • medicina tradizionale europea (nel senso di tradizione e non nel senso di norma) mte
  • consiglio della scienza - commissione federale consiglio_scienza
  • medicina ed ambiente medicina_e_ambiente


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